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Don't you just love it?

That relief when you have been thinking 'I cannot do this, it will never work,'

I get images first, or phrases. They bug me. They want to go somewhere. I have to figure out where, what they are part of. I always worry that this time it won't work. That somehow the trick of it will have dried up, the pool will be empty--or that what I have is useless, like reaching into the dark bag of scrabble letters and only getting T, X, and Q.

And the longer I put it off, because I am lazy, or busy, or sad, the more they bug me. For example, 30 years ago I got a young girl lying on a staircase, with her feet going up the stairs and her head down. I thought at first she was hurt. But no, she proved to be perfectly happy. It bugged me until 3 or 4 years ago. I finally put her into a fic involving William Bush, Basil Hall, and the artist Edward Gorey. I am not sure what Edward Gorey was doing in the 18th century, but it was the right place for the stairs girl. She was there on the stairs so that Will Bush could fall in love with her, of course she was. And he did, and she relieved him of a boyhood condition that he was quite troubled by...

So today I sat down and got some writing done on the Marlowe thing. Only a little, so far. But it still works. (Which is to say it is a pretty horrible first draft which I thank God that nobody need see.) I reached into the dark bag of story, and got something I can work with. Now I just need to look up the history of sandpaper...


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Aug. 5th, 2016 01:47 am (UTC)
Glad to hear you are making a bit of progress. Enjoyed the description of the process as it works for you. Of course, it's different for everyone. I usually hear scenes as if they are being read, and imagine them visually, just as if I were reading. Every now and then I get some flashing through the vacuum between my ears, but before I get the chance to get anything down on paper (on computer) the circuit disconnects. Oh, I suppose and hope I will get back to it one of these days. Have so many ideas of how the story continues, but...
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