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High summer

It is high summer in Brooklyn. The heat pours down from a hard blue sky, pins you to the heat rising from the blacktop. It is the kind of heat that makes your eyelids sweat. Our apartment is on the fourth floor, just under the roof. We are cozy and warm all winter; sometimes so warm we open the windows. But we are paying for it now.

We did groceries today, a whole family event, to drag them all up the stairs and put them away. We dozed all afternoon, and only now at nearly midnight, is it pleasant in the house.

Husband took Sabir for a good walk, and a swim. They rescued a horseshoe crab. Sabir saw his first police horse. Hazel never liked horses, but Sabir is much more mellow about things. He has a sort of confident curiosity that is just so admirable. I wish I felt that way.

Now that it is summer Sabir is not allowed on the beach proper. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalk only. But he can go to Calvert Veaux park and wade in the creek. (Also unlike Hazel he likes water. Hazel could swim of course, if you towed her out with you. But she would paddle angrily to shore the minute you released her. He will retrieve from the water and go in wading.)

I made churros tonight. Simple recipe, easy as pancakes really. Also cooked a chicken which will do for the next few days.

And now it really is midnight. I suppose I should sleep. Wishing you all safe and happy.
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