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Wildlife on the beach

It has gotten very hot-- summer is off with a zoom. Morning starts later, and we stay up later too. Sabir is getting his last walk after midnight.

It is really serene here so late, most people are off the street. The stores are closed, the lights of the city are visible, but seem far. You can even see some of the brightest stars. I do miss the stars.

Late at night the animals are out. Son and I saw an opossum over the weekend. He did not let us too close, maybe 5 car lengths from him, but he was visible under the streetlight, a little bigger than a cat. You cannot mistake them, nothing else moves that way.

Last night we took Sabir to the beach, and saw a heron fishing in the dark. I had no idea that they did that. I guess it is a good time to get fish, the inlet was hopping with activity. Not least were the amorous armourous horseshoe crabs! We had been waiting and watching-- they did not come with the dark of the moon, but only a few days off. We must have walked the beach for an hour, and saw perhaps 20 of them in the sand, or just going back to the ocean. One couple, still coupled up, seemed to be dead. I left them alone in case they were just really preoccupied.

We did help about 6 or 8, who were stuck upside down. That is not the position to be in when the seagulls wake up. Clogged with sand they move feebly when you poke them, but placed right side up in the water again they remember who they are.

Sabir was able to go off-leash and run. He did not recognize the horseshoe crabs as anything alive. He did find a fish head which he doted on. I took it from him. I always worry there will be a hook.

The little pond-side beach there pleases me a lot. It has the clam flats, and the dunes, and the muddy tangy smell that I remember from my earliest life. The water is full of little fish, the tide edge is hopping with sand fleas. The heron must make a good living there or he would go somewhere else.

We traipsed home in wet sneaks. It was good.
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