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Scattered thoughts: Kit Marlowe, Barrett Bondon, Doris Day

Don't you love it when things connect? Even in a silly way-- even in a way that the two things never intended?

Faustus is written as a man deserving our pity. We can see from the first monologue that we are miles ahead of him. He is pissy and petty, and his theology is kind of a mess. We have the lovely experience of knowing that we are not in his shoes. We can just stand or sit in the audience and watch the trouble unfold.

And when he is truly sorry it is too late. And doesn't that feel like real life? We have all been there, one way or another.

When all is done, divinity is best;
Jerome's Bible, Faustus, view it well.
Stipendium peccati, mors est." Ha! Stipendium, &c:
The reward of sin is death? That's hard.
Si peccasse, negamus, fallimur, et nulla est in nobis veritas.
If we say that we have no sin
We deceive ourselves, and there is no truth in us.
Why then belike we must sin,
And so consequently die.
Ay, we must die, an everlasting death.
What doctrine call you this: Che sera, sera,
What will be, shall be? Divinity, adieu.

Today I was thinking of Kit. I often do. He is in my mind as I go about my tasks. And I would give so much to know what his voice sounded like. (Faustus in OP is as close as I will get. Someday maybe it will be downloadable.) I would love to hear Marlowe speak-- or sing. He could sing. It was a requirement of his school scholarship. I imagine him with a voice that is warm and brownish.

He would not sound at all, at all like Doris Day. That would just be silly.

PS On a quite different matter: Barret Bondon of the Aubreyad was canonically born beneath the great guns of the Indy. It says so right in one of the POB books. And if we figure Bondon was 20 some odd in 1814, when the movie takes place he could have been born in 1792. Does anyone want to have a go at that?
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