eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Every happy family is happy

Daughter: Are these new cheese-graters?

Me: Yes. I bought them with you in mind.

Daughter: Hell yeah! I f****ing love cheese graters!!!

I am thinking this would delight the workers at ye old cheese grater factory...

In other news, I am reading Cornwell's Azincourt. Same tall dark taciturn hero. Basically Richard Sharpe does Henry V. But that is ok. Such men exist. He simply chooses to write about them. I am sure there were chubby little bundles of sunshine at Waterloo and Azincourt too. (Archie Kennedy, anyone?) The man is not required to write about them if he chooses not to.

The story has a hallucinatory quality, we are at the siege of Harfleur, to which WS devoted about one scene, the book does better-- plate armor, cannon, underground sappers fighting in tunnels, trenches, horses, and what is probably cholera.

We have not gotten to the feast of Crispian-- soon.

Hope you are all well.

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