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I wish they could sentence this asshat to live on the earnings of the average citizen of the USA. And to be forgotten and ignored, and to have not health insurance.(Like my son who cannot pay for his asthma inhalers...) No need even to imprison Mr S. This would be enough to wreck his life.

And how dare he name his wickedness after Turing!!

In other happier news, I hope to have some Kit fiction up today.

Also also, is is 60 degrees here, and foggy. The wind roared all night and the snow has melted. We are having April. I am just fine with this. Sabir has decided he can only pee on the very top of snowbanks. I had been letting him clamber up to do it, but now the snow is gone and he whines and searches and looks up at me as if it is all my fault. He says he is going to hold it until next December
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