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Dog stuff and weather

A rescue puppy is like a box of chocolates...

I feel a little as if we went out to buy a pickup truck and came home with a cigarette boat. Hazel was smart but she took her time to think about things. She was a deep thinker rather than a decisive one. Sabir, on the other hand is QUICK!

Claire taught him 'sit.' She pushed gently down on his rump, until he sat, and then said 'good sit. Good sit Sabir.' Then she gave him a little dog treat. Now he expects a treat whenever he sits. He will come and sit extravagantly, looking me straight in the eye--and clearly expects treats for it. In fact he has figured out that you can sit/stand/sit/stand in place. He tried that with great hopes. We actually gave him some treats that time. We were laughing so hard.

He is coming along well with the house-training. Only one small blotch yesterday. Yodel seems to like him, often comes and gives him a head bump, in greeting. Lyra is less welcoming, but is, I think, resigned now. So we are stabilizing into the somewhat weird family we always were. He is going to fit in just fine.

The weather has turned very cold finally. No snow yet, but it will come soon I am sure. I like snow for about 10 minutes, and then it is just dirty and inconvenient. It gets on your hands and in your boots, and it makes parking even more impossible. Coney island is a sand-spit. Flat. No place to go sledding. But if we want to, I suppose we can go back to Sunset Park to do that.

I jsut finished the collected works of Thomas Nashe. (I guess the things that they are sure he wrote. He had his paws in all sorts of places.) I like Nashe, his writing is so easy and clear, there is less of the Latin and Greek metaphors that I have to stop and look up. If he wants to say someone is bald, or drunk, or stupid, (and he does!!) he does not come with an obscure biblical reference, he just goes for it. but he he is one messed up little person. So, so angry. His hatred for Gabrial Harvey is really kind of scary. I do not think Harvey was a likable man but I am not clear on why Nashe hated him so. Probably some or all of you know.

am reading a book about the defence of La Haye Sainte. Makes me miss the Sharpe books. May have to have another go at them. Alexander is reading 'A Savage War of Peace' about the war in 1950's Algeria. He is so excited about it that he put it onto my Kindle for me. So I suppose that will be next after all. Who knows where that will lead me. Don't you love the way reading is like playing pool? The things you read collide and send you whirling off in some direction that you never planned on. (At least when I play pool...) Mike is reading Plutarch. I am not sure what Claire is reading right now-- her room is strewn with half open books, but she never seems to finish any.

Well. Now it is getting dark. I should go do something in the kitchen. I have some lemons that need using up. Some of you are already asleep, some of you are already into tomorrow. I like that thought. Goodnight.



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Jan. 7th, 2016 12:49 pm (UTC)
I love that 'playing pool' analogy. Yes! I also like it when books overlap - I'm reading the letters of TE Lawrence, and they've just crossed over with a book of EM Forster's short stories. xx
Jan. 7th, 2016 08:17 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is a nice analogy; thank you, eglantine_br.
Jan. 7th, 2016 03:33 pm (UTC)
Happy for you, your family, and its newest member, Sabir. We are in the state of looking forward, some day, to a new, non human family member. So easy to become attached, and so hard when they are gone.
Jan. 7th, 2016 07:35 pm (UTC)
Good night to you too. So glad you and your family (fur and otherwise) are happy.
Jan. 13th, 2016 10:46 pm (UTC)
Sabir sounds like a very smart boy. I am quite sure he will be running rings around you in no time!

Your family has a very impressive reading list indeed. Meanwhile I am mostly reading boring work documents and smutty fanfiction :}
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