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I found an article or two today

David Wong has said it better than I can. See what you think.

There was an NYT article today about the Cape Cod resort town, Provincetown. They are hugely popular in the summer, and there are a lot of people who who have second homes there, as my parents did on the Vineyard before I was born. (It was affordable to normal people then.) But the year-round population of both places is both dwindling and graying. Young people cannot afford to buy there unless they are grotesquely rich.

In an effort to get things more fair P-town has voted in a tax break for single-home year rounders. Might help a little. I know that Nantucket has done the same. (So has the entire state of Florida btw.)

I have only been to P-town a few times. It is right out on the end of the Cape. The fingers of the arm, if you will. In winter it is windy, cold, damp, bleak as hell. Beautiful yes, if you like shades of grey, and long walks on the beach freezing your face off. I do, actually. In the summer it is crowded, crazy, and everyone is doing six things at once.

The best swimming is in October. The water is as warm as it will get, and everyone has pretty much gone. You can take your dog to the beach if you have one. Bring a sweatshirt to wear before and after swim...

Funny how my mind turns to it. I must be a little homesick, or pastsick perhaps. But here we have now. I like now. Now is fine.

Tomorrow be begin the long climb to the light-- at least on my part of the planet. Up, up, here we go!

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