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Problems that I have not got

There are some. That is a place for gratitude. Today I did a mountain of laundry, I still go back to Sunset Park to do it because I am used to the laundramat there, it is quiet and roomy and clean. It is friendly. I bring a book of course, but i also eavesdrop because bits of other lives are so fascinating. People on phones don't realize unless you look right at them. I mean no harm, and the things I hear trickle into my writing too sometimes.

Today I heard a man about my age trying to reason with someone. He was not shouting but he had that sound that makes you pay attention because the shouting might come next. I like to know when to duck, don't you?

This is what he said:

"No-- I-- you need to listen. You shouldn't do it that way." (He was pacing by this point, turning in a tight circle. There was a pause while the other person spoke.)

"No. Because you can't. You have to hire someone. You can't do it yourself. No." (angry pause.)

"Because the pipe has live steam, is why. Get a professional, please. You know what-- I-- No. I cannot have this conversation now. I am hanging up." (And he did.)

And I will never know who he was reasoning with. Perhaps an elderly parent? I will never know if the person on the other end of the phone hired a pipe-fitter. I certainly hope so.

So this is a problem I do not have right now. I don't need a pipe-fitter. I don't have to reason with someone who needs one. Actually Mike could do that job tomorrow if he wanted to jump through the legal hoops. It is a solid union job in NY. It is licenced in a way that would have made sense to Marlowe. You serve an apprenticeship, and a period of journeyman status. Some things are best taught that way.

I folded my laundry and went home.
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