eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Thinking of you all

Happy Thanksgiving! Warm overcast day here, fine for a post-turkey walk.

Maureen has been strangely docile and grateful for help. This more than anything makes me sad at how sick she has been. She has really had the stuffing knocked out of her.

We are a sit down to a full turkey dinner, this year brought pre-cooked. Mike and his aunt are doing that.

There are two dogs here today, Spike an elderly dachshund, and Molly an elderly retriever. I miss Hazel today.

I am hanging out in the second living room where the noise of football (US-Type, at old man volume,) is less.

Not sure if we will head home tonight or not. I am actually ok either way.

Next bulletin will be from Brooklyn.

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