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This was on Tumblr. I am putting it up here so it does not get missed. In and among all the Trafalgar feels, I am thinking again about how sailors and Navies have always had more in common with each other than they do with the rest of us.

I miss the Navy word. I miss seeing sailors every day.It was like a big weird club, complete with silly hats and secret hand gestures. Even though I was just a wife, I felt part of it all. When I came onto the ship everyone was kind and helpful to me. I miss the smell of it. It smelled of coffee and machine grease, and heat. It was always warm inside. I had follow Mike closely as we went through passageways and down ladders, and up ladders, and around corners.Her always knew where he was going, but it all looked the same to me. I particularly love the first scene on Justinian, where Archie has that long speech-- because that is what it is like, (without the farm animals and the fiddle music,) Archie knows exactly where to go, and Horatio is just so overwhelmed and confused.

When C was very small she asked why Mike had to go to sea, why he could not just stay home like the dads on TV. He told her he had to sail around to make sure that the ocean did not get filled up with pirates! And it is actually not untrue. (Although perhaps not the whole truth.)

Anyway, here is this:

Age of Sail nerds might be enjoying the Battle of Trafalgar anniversary today, but it’s also my ship’s birthday! She’s in dry dock for regularly scheduled maintenance now, but normally the USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat (sorry, HMS Victory). And since the USS Simpson was decommissioned earlier this month, she’s now the only commissioned warship in the US Navy that has sunk an enemy ship in battle. Not bad, Old Ironsides, not bad at all.

(Image source: USS Constitution official Facebook page)
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