eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Mittens and minor injuries

Making food tonight, simple roast, baked bread pudding, baked apples, and veggies.

I have made all these things countless times before-- in at least 10 different kitchens. But NYC kitchens are miserable places to work. Mine particularly so. You are supposed to be a cool person with a cool life where you mostly eat delivery food. Perhaps you reheat it sometimes. You are not supposed to actually cook.

I have never claimed to be cool.

My stove still has no knobs, but we do well enough. I know the oven now, it runs slight fast. Twisting the metal stalk to the halfway gives me about 350. More irritating is the fact I only have one oven rack.

And the oven itself is awkward to use. I have burn scars all down one arm from trying to get things out of it.

Tonight I managed to both cut and burn my hand. Now that I have everything safely in, I have bandaid and ice going, waiting on naproxen to kick in.

We never did get the hurricane (no shipworms either,) instead the weather has gone warm, and everything is washed with slow yellow light. It is very pretty.

I spent the rainy days knitting myself a pair of mittens. They came out well. And I am thinking that if I made them myself perhaps I will be less likely to loose them!

When I was a little girl there was an old woman who gave me red wool mittens every year at Christmas. Her father had had been attached to the Charles W Morgan, which is a wooden whale ship at Mystic now. (A famous ship you can look up if you like,)The old woman is long gone. Mittens make me think of her.

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