eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Computer and storm

I have a new computer! It is fast and fancy and it was a gift from Z who built it himself. Not sure where he learned to do that, but it will be ours to keep when he leaves us.

And it hangs from the ceiling. He wanted to experiment with not having a case. It ended up like a sort of industrial art installation. The strings remind me of ships rigging. They fall naturally into triangles and straight lines. Sailing rigging is considered pretty now, but it was not art at the time but industry.
Also this makes for a free and empty desk, except for the keyboard. It won't stay empty for long. Desks don't, do they? But for now it feels spacious.

In other news, we are expecting a hurricane. It may not come, but we are going to move the car to some high ground in case. If we loose power we have plenty to eat and drink.
The freezer is full enough to keep itself cold if we don't open the door much. The only thing we will def loose is two gallons of ice cream. We may have to call all hands to turn to with that. Maybe neighbors can help.

I will post pictures in a bit, I can't from my phone.

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