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My counrty is populated by idiots. ( Part umpty-whatever.)

Any boy who is 16 should be able to identify the cervix, and state the purpose of it, without snickering or cringing.(Likewise, a girl should know the internal and external male items. We are humans living in human bodies. We should be able to use words to describe them.) A teenage student should also know enough science to know that this book is about, and enough history to know about the injustice done to this woman's family. Student's  mother should be part of that educational process. The school should be part of it too. In this case it looks as if the school is trying.

Things are forwarding here. I got the paperwork mailed off to try and correct the 'Nonorable' disaster. I know that they recieved it. Now I can begin to be a sqeaky wheel. Certainly they will resist telling me anything, but I can tell them what I know and try to lever them into some sort of action.

Also, this is cool. I have the Paul Robeson version on my phone-- enough to make the hair on your neck stand up. I think when it comes to unions in the US we have been dismantling them since 1980. The gains have been lost to ignorance and apathy.
We will have it to do all over again.

And lastly: check out this dorky looking turtle. Someone was trying to do a kindness, but he should not roam Massachusetts.
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