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Nudal Frontity

Ahem. Now that I have your attention-- there was less than last year. Some people essentially topless, (One woman with tassel pasties that she could swing in a circle!) Nobody actally bottomless this year. Although there was a man who seemed to be wearing a powdered wig, silver paint and a small amound of string. It suited him.

I am talking of course about the Mermaid Parade. It was a grey and drizzly day, and I don't usually like crowds or loud noises. I do make an exception for the Mermaid Parade. It is just so much silly fun. The mermaid theme is very loosely applied-- there were ladies with antlers who called themselves Mermalopes for expample. There was an amazing marching band up from Baltimore . There was a bagpipe team. And there were swing dancers. There were mermaids in wheelchairs and baby mermaids in strollers. There were antique cars, and an articulated octopus made of cardboard. Glitter, tulle, body paint. Here are pictures.

Coney Island never aspired to be a dignified place. It is meant for clam strips and cotton candy and sand in your shoes. It is meant for summer and distant music, and salt and grease, and fireworks over the water. What a strange place to live...

It has been a very cold wet June. It has rained nearly every day. In between the rain it has been cloudy close and sticky. Hazel has been feeling her age. She is 9 this summer. She does not like going down stairs. I can see her pause at the top and sort of steel herself, then she goes down at a sort of controlled fall. There will come a day when all those stairs are too much for her. I am not sure what we will do then. I cannot carry her. I suppose when that day comes we can move somewhere closer to the ground. But that day is not today. Today I took her out at 7 am, and the whole place was asleep. We were the only ones up on the whole street. And the sky was grey and the grwoing things were that crazy intense green you only get in June. The mermaids and the church-goers were alike asleep. Only we were there. And I stood and breathed while she found things to pee on. And it was serene.
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