eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Fangirling on Navyboys

Have been home and quiet all day. Reading this Nelson book closely. He was very good at his job. And he seems to have been one of those people with the instinct to like others and be naturally kind. (Only not to his wife.) I do not think his kindness was fake. It was just that she became an exception.

And I have been listening to silly music. Good for kitchen work. My iTunes has all moods on it. Some are somber some are less so. You never know what you will want. A lot of Claire's have jumbled in with mine. She likes Pink Flloyd, recent rap, and Spanish language meringue. And in alphabet or jumble order you never know what will come next. I have had it go directly from the Agincourt Carol to Def Lepard. And because I was half in the Nelson book I found myself thinking that strip clubs would make good sense to them, but they would be shocked at the idea of pouring sugar on anyone! So wasteful!

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