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Do you ever do the sunk cost thing with books? I got a book free on Kindle yesterday from the Amazon loan thingie. This is a good deal for me because it acts like a library and allows me 10 books at a time. I just swap some out. Like a library, too, it is hard to tell what you will get.

So I just spent six hours, more or less reading a book that I will not name. It is an author I never heard of, but I thought I would give it a try. I would have had more fun slamming the car door on my own head for six hours.

I don't even know why I read it to the end. I kept hoping it would get better.

There was nothing wrong with the subject. It could have been interesting in the right hands. I have seen it done well. This was not done well.

I will be happy to exchange it for my next book!

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