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Happy Mattress and Sheets day! Also My story in New Smut Project!!

Today is Presidents day. It is somehow related to Washington and Lincoln's birthdays. Therefore, logically, it the holiday when we are supposed to buy new towels and sheets. See how it works? If I were better citizen I would be out at Ikea right now buying new textiles.

But we have bills which have to come first. Maybe I can throw some money around by Patriots Day (It is the 18th of April since you ask, rude bridge and all that. Not sure they actually celebrate it in New York.) Massachusetts has that and also Bunker Hill day which is June 17. Chicago has Casimir Pulaski day. I guess New York would have to have Capitulate-to-the-Briitsh-Light-Everything-On-Fire-Then-Run-Day. And that would just be silly!

No snow here from the latest big storm. But it is very cold, squeaky-snow cold, hard to breath cold. That kind. With the wind it about 0F. Hazel has to be bullied into her coat before going out. She has not got much coverage underneath. She does not mind the cold very much, but eventually she begins to shiver. She does mind the salt on the roads. It makes her feet sore. Some dogs wear rubber boots, but she will not tolerate them. We bought some for her once, but she just staggered around in them looking miserable and betrayed!

The Two Books from New Smut Project are up for Pre-Order. My story is called 'Red, Right Returning' and it is in the one entitled 'Heart, Body, Soul.' It is my first venture into the 'we actually give you money, and you can be in our book.' I am beyond excited. I hope you all like my story, and all the other stories too. Here is a link.

In the meantime I am working on a revisit of some bits of Navyboy stories. I stalled out going forward, so I am going back and filling in the bald spots, kind of the way you do when you frost a cake or decorate a Christmas tree. You have to stand back and squint and look for what you may have overlooked the first time.

So I am having fun with that. Meanwhile Kit and Kyd are percolating. Blurp!!
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