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Last week son reformatted computer. It is declogged from years of nonesense. It goes much faster, and we have all our old junk saved to a backup drive.

This is all just fine except my copy of open office got removed. I had wndered why I got no writing done all week. Sounds dumb, but not having the program right there ready to open made a difference in my feeble work ethic. (I dimly remember writing with paper and a pen, in much the same way that I remember running laps, or stretching with my nose on my knee. Not going to happen again any time soon!)

So I am downloading a free trial copy of Scrivener. We shall see how that works. I could not get the open office to go. Scrivener seems so far to be more workable.

Oh, saw this on Tumblr. Maybe you all know this already, but I thought it quite moving.

I am writing in between cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Tonight is roast beef and mashed turnips with fried shallots on them. Meal involves lots of butter, and cream in the turnips. It is cold, and it was a day where the whole family ended up hungry and tired. This will help.
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