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Storm, after all.

We in NYC did ok. Snowpacolypse tracked North and slammed Boston and the Cape and Islands. Nantucket took a hard impact. It had winds in the 70 mph range. Ferry cannot go in that wind. Planes out of the question too. For the islands wind is more a factor than snow.  Same for the Vineyard, although it is closer to the mainland. Year round people on both islands have plenty of canned food, and good full freezers. They have back-up generators and big tall boots.

It seems counterinuitive to put to sea in such weather, but ships are safer there. They probably took the ferries out. Certainly Navy ships put out if the wind is going to be ugly. Fishing boats too. If they have no work to do they are safer out where they will not collide with anything. Ships that cannot be moved are in special danger. It was ever thus. Loosing control on a lee shore raises the same cold sweat as ever.

Here is an example of a ship that could not be moved. I wonder what JPJ would think?
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