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Even though I know how it turned out

Even though I know how it turned out my heart races.

When the British fleet arrived in New York harbor, in July of 1776 there were so many of them that it took 6 weeks to disembark them all. (Jolly boats anyone?)

The Battle of Brooklyn, (just near where I used to live, by Greenwood Cemetery,) begain with 20,000 British climbing the hill.Washington had 12,000. He lost a quarter of them by nightfall. Had he not left with them that night for the Jersey side, it would have all been over.

Hamilton stood on the hieights with his cannon and wept. I cannot now remember weather it was Knox or Greene who stood with him and cried too. They were 22 or 23, if that. The city had been evacuated by its residents, soon the defenders would leave. Soon it would be on fire.

I keep fiddling around in my head with the fictional applications of all this. The 'Old Men' in Archie and Horatio's world are almost the right age to to have been there as young men or mids. Someday I would like to write about the prison hulk Jersey.(Not that I would put any decent or humane person in charge there.What happens with places like that, is that all the people with human compassion leave. They cannot stop it, and they cannot bear to look. That leaves the sadists in charge, and the incompetants. Always those, and they are more numerous than the sadists.) The horrors there would have been familier to Archie.

I am watching this with a pen and paper by my side, Not sure my notes would make sense to anyone else. But they are a list of things suggested by things, things to follow up on.
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