eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The Upper Hand

Title: The Upper Hand

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R smutsmutsmut

Word Count 300

The Upper Hand

He was pushing forward now, nearly there, so warm, so close. In Archie's hand and the smell of Archie's sweat too, and the heat against, and the soft skin of Archie's neck under his nose.

“'ler 'vet.”

Horatio froze. Archie stopped.

“What did you say?”

“Doesn't matter.” Archie was gasping too. He hadn't yet either. This had been serial not simultaneous, but now Horatio brought his hand down to stroke slowly as pardon for the interruption.

“No, what?”

Archie was squirming now, and Horatio watched as his eyes closed and his mouth opened slightly. Archie's tongue, half hidden in his mouth was moving too, without sound.

“What did you say? Really I wish to know.”

“ Ah-- Dear Lord, it's like fucking the elephant's child.”


“Oh. Oh, Honeybee.”

Horatio waited. He could feel Archie's heart, racing, as he shuddered now, heavy, golden, spent.

“Deer velvet, I said, all right. Your cock makes me think of deer velvet, always has.”


And now the dear good hand on him again, moving just right.

“Like-- antlers?”

“Mmm. Big hard antlers, covered in velvet.”

“Oh, God.”

“Better now?” Archie pulled the blanket up over them both.

“So much better.”

The afterward kisses now, that Horatio loved, to his own hands and face, to the spot between Archie's brows and to the side of Archie's mouth.

“Who?” Horatio asked. “Who is the elephant's child?”

Some notes here: I am assuming that Archie went deer hunting as a kid in Scotland, or at least his family did. He would have more knowledge of deer velvet than Horatio.

And I know that Kipling had not even been born yet. But Horatio is such a fit for the elephant's child. That nose, and 'satiable curiosity. Even at the most inconvenient times

Tags: archie/horatio, very silly

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