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It gives me a funny feeling to remember that 'my'; Horatio and Archie  are played onscreen by actors. I have internalized the charactors so totally that it kind of hurts to think that they are not real. I feel a little dizzy when I remember that they are creations of actors,  who have totally normal modern lives, and are payed money to pretend to be other people. I think it is a wonderful thingthat actors  do, and they have made the world a better place by it, but it still feels strange. It is a little like remembering that the world inside a book is made of black marks on white paper. (As a kid I used to lie in bed at night and think of that, all the marks in all the books, in all the world, and it was like looking up into the sky, stretching up forever. I used to grieve that I would not live long enough to read even all the really good books.)

So I am pretty uninterested in watching the other roles that they have played, no matter how well done. It just feels strange. So I had not really watched Forever yet. I had one episode ready, but kept putting it off. Tonight I sat down to watch it. And it is fun. I can see that I will enjoy the series. Judd Hirsh seems to have been playing almost the same role since he was 35, but it suits him. And dear God. Ioan is a handsome man! The whiskers suit him, and it is nice that he is not trying to do a faux USA accent.

There is already a robust crop of Forever fanfic, I iike reading it,  but I am not not getting sucked into writing that. I am not. Right now I am writing my Christmas piece for Perfect Duet. It involves James Dillon, who I thnk is rather negected by fanfic.After that, who knows.
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