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I am to be in a book!

There are two anthologies of delight coming out from New Smut Project. They are going to be full of great stories. And--and I am going to have a story of mine in there!

This is my publishing debut. I wrote a thing, and it was accepted and soon you will all be able to read it. It is a litle departure for me because it is set in the modern era. (Late 1980s.)

Here is a preview:




Eglantine began writing fiction just after learning her letters. She has been doing it ever since. She is currently dividing her writing between fiction about the Age of Sail and an account of the life of Christopher Marlowe. Eglantine’s work can be found on Livejournal. She also has a Tumblr account.

She has always lived by the water, and is unafraid of large animals. She lives in Coney Island, New York, within sight of the waves.

Excerpt (Red, Right, Returning, in Heart, Body, Soul)

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  • 14 December 2014

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