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Quiet here. I am in Coney Island.

Daughter has a neurolgy appointment tomorrow, so she and I were not going anywhere this week anyway. (Her choice to have it on a holiday, she is unwilling to miss any school so her possible doctor days are limited.) Son and husband were supposed to go up to MIL's house, but the storm cancelled those plans. We have been having a Nor'easter. We had been told to expect up to 10 inches of snow, very unusual so early in the year.

As it turned out, all rain so far. Lots of wind yesterday, and plenty of snow North of us. We might get a little tonight.

So we four are having our day here. I am not even making turkey. (I don't really like turkey.) We are having a nice large roasting chicken. Better for four people that way.

I am quite happy to be here at home. Today has that holiday feeling without all the uproar of travel, and the inevitable hives I get from spending time with MIL. (I am not kidding, being in the same room with her for very long at all makes me break out in big ugly itchy hives. I come home with my hands bleeding every time because I scratch them in my sleep.)
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