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I am accustomed to snow in the week after Thanksgiving. That is, the last week of November. Usually it is a dusting, or just an inch or so. (In my childhood, in the 70's, the snow came sooner. I remember snow from Halloween right through Easter!)

But Lake effect snow is a whole nother thing.I have never lived anywhere afflicted with it. We lived for a while on the edge of Lake Michigan, but on the wrong side for lake effect snow. (BTW, Lake Michigan is for all purposes an inland sea. It stretches out to the horizon. It has shipwrecks. It has surf sometimes. It feels like swimming in the Atlantic. It just tastes wrong!)

My MIL spent her early girlhood in Cheektuwaga. She remembers diving out of the second floor window for fun, to land safely in a snowdrift. I would perhaps not believe her story if I had not done the same, at school in the Berkshires. (We used the 3rd floor balcony to get a good running start!)

Snow has come to upper New York State.  Here are some pictures.

I am glad that Coney Island is on the water. We should get lots of wet wind, and it will be cold, but snow should be less thereby. That is the plan, anyhow. I will let you all know how it turns out.
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