July 24th, 2017

Pretty ship

She is so pretty!


It seems a shame that they can't sail around on her more. Castle Island and back is not much. But when she is well, and not being repaired, she is supposed to be there for visitors. That is more important I guess. Strange that it is so easy to see the beauty of a sailing ship, when I do not see it in a car or a plane, which are the modern equivalents. Has the world become less lovely? Or is it just easier to see the lovely when it is old and strange to me? The Constitution was a war machine, after all.

I have had three weeks of being at home, and being me instead of a phone voice with an assumed name. I have filed for unemployment. If Mike's experience is anything to go by, it will take months to arrive... I hope not. I called my job today to find out about the last paycheck. They were kind enough to try to induce me back. They said I would always be welcome to change my mind. Good to know, and I thanked them for it. I do want to find something different though. So far I have not been looking very hard... my own capacity for laziness is really pretty stunning.