July 11th, 2017

New Cat

We have one. She had belonged to our neighbors. They were neglecting her. She spent many days shut in the shared hallway, with no box, food, water from them.

I began putting food etc out for her, and she was very shy, but crept out to eat it.

This month neighbors moved. They offered her to us. (Husband was delighted-- he wanted to steal her anyway, said they did not deserve such a cat.)

So here she is with us. They did not provide a name. Perhaps she did not have one. Their toddler son seemed to call her something like 'Daisy.' So she is Daisy now.

She spent the first few days hissing and hiding. Now we are able to see her a little more. She is still hand-shy. Food is a big deal for her

Lyra, Yodel and Sabir are curious but accepting. Here is picture: