April 8th, 2017

Octopus RNA stranger than we can think

Check this out, you guys. Pretty amazing.


Warm sunny quiet day here. My day off. I am putting aside all the things I don't want to think/worry about. Nothing I can do about them on the weekend anyway.

I have all the next 10 days off. My charity call center that I work at is staffed and owned by Orthodox Jews. I have Saturday off, therefore, and the whole long Pesach holiday. I will rest... I have been working 10 hour days for the last week.

I hope you guys don't think me disrespectful doing fund raising for religious charities in a religion not my own. I raise donations for ambulances and hungry kids. I can make a pretty voice on the phone and memorize a script. Phone sales I can do, not much else I can do is salable. I would rather raise money for hungry kids than sell overpriced things to the reluctant or gullible. My coworkers know of course that I am not Jewish at all.

Like any job, there are days when I am not enthused. But for the most part it is interesting. I get to talk to people all over the country, each phone call gives me a little slice of life, I can hear babies or dogs, I can speak to people 100 years old. For the most part everyone on the phone is kind, even when they realize I am calling to ask for money, even when they say no.

Today is opening day for Luna Park at Coney Island. From now until October the rides and the fireworks and the hot dogs will be in play. We live a block from the beach, a ten minute walk in the sand from the ferris wheel.When the wind is right I can hear the carnival music. You all should come visit!