eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The Best Hair

Title: The Best Hair


Horatio and Archie

Rating G

Word Count 300

“It's slipping.” Horatio said. His tone was panicked. “Oh God, it is all coming down again-- I told you it wasn't secure.”

“Just hold still Horatio. When you gyrate around that way of course it is going to come down. Have you never noticed the way woman walk? Sort of more smoothly?The way they hold their heads up. That is to prevent just this sort of disaster.”

“I never noticed anything different about he way women walk.” Horatio's voice was plaintive. “They are usually carrying something,” he tried.

Archie transferred the pins to his mouth. He spoke around them, his brows were knit with menace. “Sit down.” He said.

“Wasn't gyrating.” Horatio winced as Archie applied the comb again. “Ow! That pulls! And I don't see why I have to be the girl. Why couldn't--”

“You have the best hair, that is why.”

“I don't see why you couldn't--”

“I have backstage experience Horatio. An entirely different thing. And my hair is straight. That makes it even worse for sliding than yours. There now. That should do it, if you are careful this time. Here, the palla goes this way.

Are you sure some breeches underneath wouldn't be all right? It is all a bit drafty.”

I can imagine.” This came with a real smile. And, having spit the hairpins into his hand, a real kiss too. “No breeches. I will investigate any draftiness later, I promise.”

From beyond the canvas curtain Horatio heard Mr Bracegirldle.

Calpurnia--” Bracegirldle said.

There now. Go! And keep your hair on!

Archie gave him as small push.


Here my Lord,” said Horatio.

Tags: archie/horatio, very silly

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