October 1st, 2016

Two News Articles

Read these one after another, before I had sip one of my tea...



What are the things we value on this planet? Respect? Kindness? Human Dignity? How do we care for the smallest of humans? Who cares, and who does not? It is not just big things like the bombing of cities. It is about paying such an inexcusable wage to the vulnerable that they have to leave their kids somewhere worrisome and hope for the best. It is about paying a crap wage to the people who watch and protect our children. This is what happens when some children, or children in some cities, or children of some colors, are worth less than others.

The face of that man in the ambulance moves me. He is so young himself. He reminds me of my son, of my daughter's friends. Ya Allah, indeed.

I like to think that I would dig for hours in broken cement to reach a strangers baby. I hope I would. But I know in myself the times when I have failed to speak up against unkindness, or injustice. I have a coward's mouth-- less so as I get older, perhaps. But I should be getting older faster, if I am to be any use.

I read things like this, and I think: here am I in my house, with my computer and my tea-cup. And I feel a scalding shame for every complaint I have ever made. I have not had to leave my kids somewhere unsafe, not ever. And still the world has hurt them at various times. The world hurts us all.

When that young white hat is finally able to wash, and go home, what will he go to? Does he have somewhere safe to go? Will he get a cup of tea? (Probably that at least.) Will someone listen to him as he tells of the baby so small in his arms? Will he say 'somebody had to do it, anyone would have done it?' Will he cry then, or just stare into space? Will the listener understand?

What about the Kentucky day care worker? What so they go home to? Will they lie awake at night ashamed of what they have done? Will they be able to trace the path of their own life to such ugliness? They should have had a different job, certainly.

Sorry to hit you all with such heavy stuff. I think we all need a fuzzy kitten intervention.