January 23rd, 2016

Snow on snow on snow

I always think these things will be less than predicted. They told us to expect the snow to begin at 4am with ground cover by 7 and white-out blizzard by lunch.

The snow began at 9- ish it covered everything by 10. I know because I took Sabir out. He sat in it and looked thoughtful while it soaked into his backside.

Now it is midnight. The world outside is white and yellow, closed in with tiny dots rushing sideways. I cannot see to the end of the block.

We have all been told to stay off the roads, and to try please not to do anything dumb. There will be people who need help, and nobody needs to wreck the car with shopping that could wait, or decide to gas grill in the bathroom, or sustain a frozen bagel laceration.

So we will settle down and wait. Maybe it will be interesting.

get your schadenfreude on...

It is bananas out there. There is a four foot drift across the street from me and it is still coming down hard enough to make it hard to see. We are stuck here, but we are warm and safe, we have enough of everything, and we have nowhere that we have to be. The only things moving are people on foot, and occasional plows.

Here is a local news article for you all.