December 15th, 2015

Global and Other Weirding

Today I went to the commissary. They are doing Christmas--specifically Christmas-- as hard as a store can do it. They have a loop of carols going, they have all the imported baked goodies out, they have a 9 foot tree with cases of Coke under it, red, red, red. They have sprayed the store with some sort of pine spray. The baggers greet with 'Merry Christmas,' and they are dressed up. (One young lady seemed to have a poinsettia strapped to the top of her head.) My feelings are mixed. They are trying so hard, and the well meaning bustle is fine if you are feeling it yourself, but if not then it grates. And it does seem a deliberate exclusion of the people who don't celebrate. I feel like the balls-to-the-wall Christmas effort was a top down decision made by a committee of women from the mid-west who would dislike me on general principals. And isn't it funny how imagined dislike makes the dislike in me rise up in response...

The weather is making it more bizarre. I left the house in jeans and a sweatshirt. I discarded the sweatshirt after a little while, as too hot. T shirt outdoors, windows open in the car felt fine. It is 70 f in the sun. I am not complaining, I like it. But it feels odd. It should have snowed by now. I expect sticking snow in the last weeks of November usually.

This morning I came downstairs to find a city notice affixed to our building door. It was from Con Edison, it said that our landlord has not paid his electric bill, and they are going to shut the building down unless he does. It is weird because we each pay our own directly to Con Ed. Maybe they mean the heat, (which is on and blasting, and we cannot control it, and as we are on the top floor we have all our windows open, fine with me, I like windows open) or the hallway lights, maybe? They are not allowed to turn off heat in the winter anyway. I am not too worried. I expect he will pay it at the last minute, but it is curious. The letter said they we could pay for him, in addition to our own, if we chose, or that we could call him and put pressure on him. I think I will not. He seems to have enough troubles. The tenant law in NYC is a snarl of regulations that nobody really understands.

I have been trying to write, you guys, but it is not coming easily. LJ has been so quiet lately that it feels a little like screaming into a hole in the ground. Shouldn't matter. I should still be able to get my words done, but it is more easy when there are people to riff off of.

So how are you all? Any new ideas? Have you read anything I should read too? Have you written anything I should read? Are you seeing family this month? I miss you all.