September 4th, 2015

I have been away, right here

We have had the incremntal changes that make the texture of life feel a little abasive. Mike has started school again, he now has a daily 2 hour commutte to the the Bronx. He is at Manhattan College, which is not even in Manhattan! All is well with his classes, but we are having paper probklems.

When you leave the US military you get a form called DD214. It  tells a number of things about your discharge including final status which can be honorable, general, or dishonorable.  My guy was honorable all the way. Gold sleeve and all. But the clerk who typed up the form 10 years ago made a keystroke error, instead of writing HONORABLE she wrote NONORABLE. Nobody noticed for 10 years, until now. And some dumbass over at the school is so freaked out by this that they are refusing to submit his paperwork. So we are not getting our GI BILL, which includes our living allowance, which we use to live on. NONORABLE is not even a word. Everyone agrees that it is silly, everyone says there is nothing they can do.

We are doing the only thing we can which is to submit a form  asking for review and correction. This can take months. Also the form has a section saying 'do not call us until 90 days have passed, any contact with our office before that time will result in further delay.

I am someone who hates the proffering of documents as it is. I hate the idea of forms you fill out so other people can accept or reject the things you want to do. Obviously that is how the world goes, but it makes my skin crawl.( Such a bad idea to stick someone behind a desk, (covered from the waist down, seperated from vulnerable sitting or standing you, and sometimes even up on a platform while you stand lower, the dmv and pharmacy do that.) Gives the desk person a bad kind of power.

And Mike is so good, so careful to identify and follow the rules, so nervous of doing the wrong thing. This is what made the Navy so perfect for him, I am much more willing to try to make myself a special case. It is irritating.

Claire is starting school next week. I think she is looking forward to it. She is going to have an internship doing the same mural painting as this summer. And we have to think abot colleges.... More paperwork!

It is still hot here, but I can feel the fall coming. This will pass, and things will improve.   I  am ok, if nervous.  My writing has been scant. I have been reading a lot. Got to go-- time to drive to Bronx. Miss you all.

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Saw these two sweeties on the subway today. Don't know who they are. They sat there talking and playing on phone for at least 90 minutes, totally absorbed in little-boy world. Teens are lovely, and they need so much much from adults, but sometimes I miss the littler ones...

Photo below in separate post.