July 28th, 2015

Every unhappy family-- well you know

I am reading 'Look Homeward Angel.' I came to it backwards, as you do
from childhood reading of Styron, and Faulkner, and Pat Conroy.

This is like the boiled down essence of their voices, drippy and florid and delicious.

Maya Angelou once said that as a kid she paired her reading with food. She tried to find the perfect food for each story. (She said Macbeth was toast.)

This would be flan I think, with caramel sauce that clings to the spoon and makes your mouth ache.

I am not sure I like the people in the book. Their flaws hurt to see. That is the reason I never finished Anna Karenina. It hurts one you see where it is going. But I keep coming back and poking at this story because The Words-- my God they are stunning.