July 26th, 2015

A gimpse into my weird little brain

Son and I were talking about the new malaria vaccine. We were trying to decide if it really will be the most important medical change in the last 50 years? 100 years? Mosquitoes kill more than anything ever. A malaria vax, even if it is imperfect, is huge news.

And then we got taking about the Gates foundation, and money and wealth, and the legacy. From there we veered off onto a discussion of the robber barons. We studied the robber barons in  high school for nearly a whole year, along with the history of labor unions. Good to learn, important to know.

I could picture the guy, in my head. And the name escaped me.

"Scottish, " I said. "Scottish, name begins with C... nose disease. He had a skin disease on his nose.."

Andrew Carnegie.

That was how I had him stored. Not by his philanthropy, or by US Steel. I had him in a box with weird skin conditions.

***** Edit. It was JP Morgan who had the skin disease. I had them combined. I need to go back to school I think. AC was just sort of naturally lumpy looking.