July 1st, 2015

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Check this out.


At least if you are safe aboard Hermione you will not be troubled by sharks. (They have not yet started ringing the doorbell and mumbling 'landshark.') Please, if you find yourselves off of Cape Hatteras or Cape Fear or Assateuge island, or such a place, stay out of the water. I had a mom who taught me never to swim where fish were schooling, and to watch the behavier of gulls. If you see them hunting bait fish you can be pretty sure that they are not alone. There may be a big fish down there, hunting too.


This is unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. It is not so glaring up here as down south, but there are more here too. Eventually, if there are enough sharks people are going to get bitten.

Today has been a weary troubled day for me. My mind keeps returning to yesterday, plodding in circles of memory. I can feel it making me vauge. I have not done anything useful today. I know this will pass though. I will come to miss her cleanly. But not yet. All her things are still here, her dogbed, her femur bone, her leashes, her food. I cannot decide what to do with them. I figure there is no harm leaving them here for now.

***** I should clarify-- the femur is a cow femur she had for gnawing. It is not her leg