June 7th, 2015

There continue to be things that go very right

Despite all the damn crap that goes wrong.
I am haphazard and omniverous as a reader. I will try anything. I have never developed a system for identifying dud books in advance. (When I was a small girl I got the idea that authors near each other in the alphabet would have written similar booiks. It must have been the dewey decimal system that got me going that way, I mean it kinds of works that way with the numbers in the library, so why not the letters? All I can say in my defense is that I was then a very little girl). Anyway, it turns out that that system does not work at all. Neither does any other. Working my way through the shelves of our town library in order gave me a lot to think about though. And Joan Aiken and Lloyd Alexander were on the same shelf, so who knows...

This week I got two really good ones in a row. And both authors have written lots. Both of them feature delightful women, who have supernatural ability and use it to clean up messes and solve crimes. The Hanged Man by P.N. Elrod is the first. It is set in an steampunkish alternate London. When I describe it that way it sounds like a whole warehouse load of similar things-- but this one is pretty special. I like it a lot.

The other one is set now, on the West Coast. It features an older woman, that is unusual, most of the people you meet in books are young. I like that she is older, but still presented as capable and appealing.She is accompanied by her nephew, a war vet who is home with an injury. He is pretty appealing too. It is written from his pov, and he comes to understand and admire his aunt, slowly more and more. So did I. That one is called A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark. It is by Harry Connolly.

For my own self, I am having a good try at chopping my Malowe stuff into some sort of order. It cannot even be called editing. It is more crude than that. So much needs to be removed, and it is all so ugly. When I have done that I will be able to see the shape of what remains, and what needs more filling put in. At least that is the plan.

What are all of you doing? Has anyone been to the beach?