May 4th, 2015

Needs of the Navy

Title Needs of the Navy
Author Eglantine_br
Word Count 1418
Rating G

Once long ago, longer ago than I wish to say, I asked a question. Why did  Mike have  to go to sea the day after we arrived in Norfolk, when we had only moved into our apt at midnight the night before and I knew nobody?  Or later, why did he have to lave for a 6 month cruise when we had a week old baby? My answer-- the needs of the Navy. The Navy has needs.  You cannot argue, there is not any room for wiggling or debate. The Navy is implacable, like a hungry  dog. Horatio and Archie know this.

This is part one of two

Needs of the Navy

Indefatigable at sea

Eight Bells, Midwatch

“Even on Justinian it never rained for three weeks straight.” Archie said.

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