April 30th, 2015

The trouble with marmots


This poor man got plauge from his dog. Pneumonic plauge! He did survive with supportive care and probable applications of holy-shit antibiotics. Nobody here does 23 days in the hospital unless they need every hour of that time. His dog died.

Makes me think about all those pop-sci epidemic books I read as a kid that said 'The ignorant city dwellers of Europe tried to stop the plauge by killing dogs and cats. What fools.' Well. Maybe not. Looks like dogs and cats can both catch and carry it. The thing you should extirpate is marmots. (If G. Khan had killed marmots instead of people it might have been better.)

Silly letter S


I saw this on Tumblr and thought of you all. 'Considerable fums...'

When I was a kid we had several books in our house that were old enough to contain the long S. I liked to read them aloud to myself and laugh and laugh. (Ok, I was a weird little person.)

Can you not imagine the men of Edrington's mess deciding to wager considerable fums? I hope he put his money down the right way.