April 14th, 2015

About chicken and ice cream

I need a new tag I think. It should be something like 'writing about my real life becuase my fiction has gone to crap.' Still, it may limber up the old word chute, or  something.

Coney island has empty spaces. I mean places where somebody obviously owns the land, but here is nothing useful on it right now. You don't appreciate how weird this is until you compare it to the rest of Brooklyn. Some of the spaces are no doubt to do with hurricaine Sandy, now two years gone by. Some people just didn't have the heart or the money to rebuild. Once things get green again those empty places wiill be full of wildflowers. Right now they just look like dirt.

Still, despite the empty spaces,  most things are on top of other things. Living quarters above a storefront is the norm. Our place, as I have said, is above a  chicken restaurant. It is not a sit and eat place. It is a go up to the counter and order and take the food to the beach kind of place. There is a bench to sit on while the food is prepared. The bench is usually almost full. The man who runs it is from India. He is there at 7 am cleaning. It opens at 8, and it is hopping until midnight at least. It has fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, fried fish, fish sandwiches, and fries, (with or without cheese,) biscuits, (with or without gravy,) and ice cream. It is a splendid place.

Hazel thinks so too. She is not allowed in of course, but when I walk her in the morning the guy waves at us, and she is always happy to look for any dropped peices of chicken in the street.

Today I stopped there to get an ice cream cone. There is a handy eyebolt to tie her leash to, just outside the door. She doesn't really need to be tied, she is always willing to sit and wait, but I always thread it through there just in case. I was gone less than 5 minutes, and was back with a nice vanilla cone. I usually get her a small dish of her own, but this time we were just going to share. (She doesn't actually lick the ice cream cone with me, I pull bits off for her.) I tried giving her part of the cone too, but she just looks betrayed and spits it out onto the ground.

The weather is warm now, and it was very relaxing to sit outside and watch people go by.