April 5th, 2015

Feels Like Home

Well. This is what I get for falling out of the habit of writing these two. Leave them alone for any length of time and they start going at it like bunnies. I apologize in advance for the smut. I love them dearly, and they are so real, and they seem to have strong ideas about what they should be doing. This took ages to write for some reason. Lack of practice I suppose. I suppose I know the answer for that too.

Title: Feels Like Home

Author Eglantine_br

Word Count 3,100

Rating R for smut

Feels Like Home

The Indy smelled the same. The smell struck his face as he saluted the quarterdeck. It nearly made his knees buckle. It was tar, and polish, and powder, and food and coffee, and the collective sweat of tired men washing with soap that did not foam in salt water. It was the universal smell of His Majesties Navy. And it was lost love, and respect and fear, and blue and white and gold, and pain and lust, and shouting weeping singing, and the beating wings of the silence that comes in the hollow after the cannons fire.

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Proto-Bunter needs some explaining perhaps. We know that Mervyn Bunter (1895-1970) was a Seargent in the Great War. So it is not too surprising to find that he had a Georgian antecedeant of the same name who was in the Navy.

That being said, I was pretty surprised when he turned up. I did not fight it though. Who can argue with Bunter?

I hope this story meets with the approval of Captain Anteros. Both Bunters hope so too!