February 21st, 2015

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Should be doing other things, but am on the sofa with Hazel's head on my knee. She is very warm. And why is it that human snoring is annoying, but dog snoring is soothing?

Claire and a friend are in her room listening to music. There has been hot chocolate and whipped cream.

I am proceeding with my Nelson book. The writer is good enough that he makes the past suspenseful even when we know how it turned out.

I am up to Abukir bay. L'orient just blew up. I think I will sit here and read for a while longer.


Making supper tonight, a thing happened. I was using a Pyrex baking bowl that I have used many thousands of times before. i was cooking apples in it, and chicken in another dish. Oven was set at 350 as usual. While I was in here reading I heard a dull thunp from the kitchen. Not sure what it was, or even if maybe it had come from some other part of the building. Everything sounds muffled with the snow falling. I went and looked in the oven anyway. The apples bowl had completly exploded, not just broken but actually blown up. Glass had sprayed all around inside the oven.

I resued the foods that I could, and waited for the oven to cool. I have now cleaned up the glass. I am just glad it blew up when it did, not when I was picking it up to take out! i think the apples got too dry, and the bowl may have been touching the one that holds the chicken. It just got uneavenly heated and boom! I am going to be much more careful from now on. It really is a horrible little oven, I am probably asking more of it than it was intended for.