December 31st, 2014

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Today I drove the new car. Son and I went to the fancy food store, where we rarely go. It is in Red Hook, a part of Brooklyn that used to be very rough. (The movie On The Waterfront is set in Red Hook, and Al Capone spent his childhood there.) But since it is, on fact on the water it is zooming up in land value. Very expensive to give in a converted warehouse there if you want artisanal cheese and beer with the yeast still in it this is the place. Also they have a really good bakery, teas and coffees, and vegetables. ( I hardly got any fancy cheese at all.)

Today was a good day for people watching. I was not in a hurry, but many in the store were. It did not bring out their best manners. Son said 'these are people so rich that they look as if they are cutting up Dalmatian puppies for coats!'

I always feel an indecent curiosity about other peoples groceries. The man behind me in the checkout was intriguing. He was a middle aged fellow with a plaid shirt and a yarmulke, he looked tired. He looked normal. He was not carrying a ukelele (I saw two of those,) he was not shoving in line ( there was quite a lot of that.) but his shopping cart was almost entirely full of bottled seltzer water. All flavored, and all in the one quart size. 'That is a lot of seltzer' I said. He nodded gloomily.
I wonder why he is buying so much, and why he is so sad. Maybe some special new diet?

So now we are home. Tomorrow I will go to the regular store and get things like paper towels and dog food.

Little new car drives well. It has foibles, as do we all. The brakes are grabby, I cannot figure out how to open the trunk, and the gearshift does not light up. Makes parking at night an exhilarating game!!! All in all though, it was ok.

Happy New Year, it is about 3 hours away here. So most of you are asleep by now. In Times Square the miserable tourists have been packed in since noon. They cannot leave, even to pee. I had a friend go there once, she got peed on. At least the undercover police there will get holiday pay for their misery. I cannot imagine a place less fun to be!