December 27th, 2014

In the past week

On the 24th husband and I went across the river to Jersey City and bought a used car. It was one that we had settled on after weeks of research, and actually buying it was surprisingly painless.

Almost all cars look the same to me. They have a part that sicks out in the back, where you can put stuff, and they have a raised middle part where the people poke up, and they have a part in the front where the machine parts are. They are seldom in bright exciting colors, because everyone has the idea that cars are too dignified for that.

This being so, we decided on price, and husband got his pick after that. He cares a great deal more than I do about the details of how a car looks and what it can do. And it was his Christmas preasant.

We ended up with a ten year old Acura. It was supposedly very fancy when new. It is not rusty, and it goes well. It is a sort of sober silver color. It has all sorts of features that we never had before, leather seats, and a button to push so that heat comes on and warms your bottom. (I can see that that might have applications for muddy dogs, or when coming back from the beach.) Car also has lots and lots of cupholders. That is nice.

It is going to save us money. We can shop where the prices are best, without having to rely on what is practical to lug home. Of course we still have a fourth floor walk-up to deal with, but this means I do not have to shop at the only two stores that deliver. (One of those is ok, the other is horrible.)

So Christmas morning we all drove North to visit MIL. We were able to get there for 1/10 of what it would have cost to take the train.And more quickly too! So that was ok. It was good for husband and kids to see her. I endured the visit. She tolorated me.

We trundled back yesterday morning. Car goes fine. Husband liked driving it. I liked sitting still while the road went along under us, and not having to drag luggage and dog through the train station.

The weather has been astonishingly warm. No ice, no snow. Some years the drive back is frightening. But winter has not come yet. The poor confused plants are actually budding. I noticed pussy willows out, up the road by the bank. If it goes much longer we will be having daffodills!
And then of course, when actual spring does come they not do well at all.

So that was Christmas. A quiet one. We are all together this year, all safe and well. Next week January comes, to launch us into the New Year. I am glad I don't have to go alone. All of you will be going too. We can stick together maye.

In a few says my balance will come back, and I will get some writing done. My thoughts are not right for it now, but it is there under the surface. In the meantime I am reading a lot.