November 22nd, 2014

Husband had a good time

He attended a conference on the use of chai tea to clean water of heavy metal contaminants. He had a very good time.How splendid that we all like different things.

He tells me about chemisty and I tell him about Marlowe. And that is just fine.

Men Who Listen

Title: Men Who Listen


Rating R for smut

Kit Marlowe

Word Count 1875

The bed was a warm nest, and Thomas held him close even as he said that they should both get up. And Thomas seemed inclined, Kit thought, to make the process more difficult. Dressing seemed to provide vulnerable moments which Kit had not anticipated. Thomas waited until Kit was putting on his shirt; until Kit was muffled in the folds of crumpled linen, arms in the air. In this foolish position he found himself embraced. It was different this way, he felt more exposed,even once he had pulled the shirt down properly. He was still standing half dressed, with his stockings pooled childishly, untied, around his feet.

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