August 13th, 2014

The Exploding Mayonnaise Experience

We arrived here in the first week of June. You move all the stuff in, and shove it against the walls. That is the first part of unpacking. Then you just have to live with everything, and be ready to move it again when you know what makes the best sense where. That is the second part. And you have to learn the quirks of the stuff the place came with.

For example: The place came with a pot rack. It was fancy and black metal and it hung from the ceiling. Thrilling. I had never had one before. I hung things up on it, and was delighted. One night it all came crashing down. Turns out that the wall studs here are made not of wood, like sensible people would have, but some sort of thin steel with the fortitude of aluminum foil. Cannot hold decent screws.

So no pot rack. Instead I am using the ladder from C's formerly-bunk bed. Works just fine.

The place came with some really elderly appliances. I could hear the refrigerator straining, and the stoves pilot light goes out unless you are very careful.

Last week the refrig totally died. It was just dumb luck that it happened at a time when I was just about to shop.I was able to cram everything into the freezer, which was still kind of wheezing along.

Today was the day we got the new fridge. I spent the whole day waiting for it. Two lovely men carried it up four flights of stairs for me, and put it where I said. It is big and clean, and I took the opportunity-- as you do-- to clean the kitchen floor including the place where the old one had been. I moved all my racks around, and the little wooden pantry thing. (It was a book-case in a former life, but it has been a food case for the last 10 years because New York is devoid of decent cupboards.)

In the course of dragging everything around I broke a glass coffee pot. (It is the kind that comes with a coffee machine-- and it is ok, we have at least 3 more such glass pots.) And I dropped an entire open container of mayo on my foot. It leaked nastily through my croc... Hazel came in to help, and I had to chase her off because I was worried about glass in the mayonnaise.

All mopped up, and better now. I am widely known for my clumsiness. And it seems to be getting worse. But I think the kitchen has taken a final form. I have everything put where it actually makes sense, and the things I use most often are close to hand. The things I use rarely are further away. (Six silver nutcrackers, for example, not going to see much use. Neither lobster nor walnuts are likely. But they remind me of home.)

So no writing today. Maybe some tonight.