March 28th, 2014

Perhaps a lesson here

Yesterday I went and had a big old root canal. Very painful. I had had tooth pain sort of slowly sneaking up on me for some time. I feel so much better now. I love my dentist. He has a sort of giggly atmosphere in his office, even when he does things that are really painful, like yesterday, he makes me laugh.

And I feel so much better now. I think the tooth was dragging my energy down-- making me sleepy and angry. I did not really notice how much my mouth hurt until it stopped hurting!

Now suddenly my mind is full of writing ideas. Funny about that.

Now today the world is soft and damp with spring. It rained all night and the world smelled delicious, even here, so crowded with human smells. Today my city is beautiful and new, and the people in it seem lovable. Their faces are worn and patient, except for kids, who are it up like flashlights, squeaking and hopping. It is hard to believe that I am the one who has changed.