March 26th, 2014

We all enjoy different things

Saw one of those websites where famous people rec books. Usually it is some person saying that 'To Kill a Mockingbird' changed them for always. That has already happened to me. And many people are like my MIL, who always has the latest book club book, or the NYC best seller on her table, obviously unread. I have never seen her actually hold a book in her hand. But I like to know what other people read-- I was curious...

Bill Gates has had a delightful time, apparently, with a book on the history of shipping containers. There was a photo of him with that book and others, wearing a dorky smile and a sweater. Can't you picture him, curled up on his sofa, in his socks maybe, reading his shipping container book, slowly as he can so it lasts a long time, because he is having such a great time?

I know the joy of finding a book that just makes you happy, even if nobody else understands. May we all have that again soon.

More bold pursuit of the obvious

More clever than who previously thought?  (Evidently not someone who has spent time with goats!)

I am sure the goats had a great time retrieving the food. I wonder what they gave them? My goats liked:
breakfast cereal,
fresh new maple leaves,
poison ivy, (cleared our land of it and excreted something in the milk which has given me immunity.)
the bark off of fruit trees which my aunt had bought at great expense,
camera lens covers,
and the pages of library books.

Of course we mostly fed them goat chow.

They may 'prefer to learn on their own' but they do not like to be on their own. They are much more comfortable with a friend/accomplice.