March 12th, 2014


Starbucks has said that you can now pay for coffee with a phone app. They have added, in a helpful tone, that you can tip your barista at the same time.

Has everyone but me been tipping generously the people who stand behind the counter and put your coffee into the cup? I have not been tipping. I did not know that this was a tip-needing activity. I tip: waiters, cab drivers, and the men who deliver my groceries. My mom used to tip the mailman, but he was married to our plumber and they had a lot to put up with from us!

I usually figure if someone is behind a counter and you take the thing from them and carry it away, then you are not required to tip. I used not to tip the grocery guy. I did not know how to ask if I should. I thought he might be offended. But he got really surly, so then I began tipping him and he is much nicer now. (He puts the food over the threshold, instead of hurling it against my door.)

I do not actually go to Starbucks very much at all. But there is a really good independent place down the street from us. If I am going to tip coffee pourers I will do it there.